About me

personal details

  • I thrive under blue skies and sunshine
  • There is nothing better than the beach and the ocean waves
  • Make me laugh and you have my friendship
  • I love Venice
  • I believe in passion, practice and stamina
  • Have as much fun as possible
  • Horses touch my heart
  • My flute is my anchor
  • I am a slow jogger and a fast walker
  • Best friends are worth gold to me
  • Give me a huge salad and chocolate and I can survive

about me

Born in Los Angeles, Dayle Ann Clavin studied music in Salzburg, taught classical flute at the Landesmusikschulwerk Upper Austria and performed chamber music.

In the early 1990’s Dayle discovered her love for photography and in the following years exhibited in galleries around Austria.

In 2001 She graduated with honors from The Prager Fotoschule.

Dayle has won awards in international photography competitions. Her work has been published in magazines such as PHOTOGRAPHIE, and the book” The World’s Greatest Black and White Photography”.

In June 2014 she was awarded the EP Qualification by the Federation of European Photograhers (FEP).

In November 2014, she recieved a Silver Award in the Creative Composition category of the WPPI (Wedding  and Portrait Photographers International). Competition.

In March 2015 she recieved the FEP European Wedding Excellence Award at the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015.

In January 2016, she was a finalist and among the top three of the Austrian Wedding Awards.

2021 Full accreditation as Portrait Photographer from the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation of Sue Bryce Education.

2020-2022,  Several silver awards in the Cosmos Photography Awards as well as  WPE International Photography Awards

In 2022, She placed third in a group of 30 finalists  in the Pas De Deux  Dance Photography  Competition.

Dayle Ann Clavin lives in Salzburg, Austria. She offers elegant and timeless images with an emphasis on a fashion oriented and fine art finish. As a citizen of both Austria and the USA and having lived in Belgium and England, she has international experience,  accommodating to various cultures and speaks fluent German as well as her native language. Whether wedding, portraiture, family, teens, branding photography, or her personal projects in the area of Dance Photography,  she  organizes sessions for her clients special wishes in order to create a high quality memorable product and serves the local area as well as other Austrian  destinations.  She also travels to other destinations in Europe.


Ballet, Composite, Fine art, Composition