Reaching out for new challenges in 2015

by Dayle Ann Clavin / August 04, 2016 / in Unkategorisiert / 0 comments

A new year begins and I take time on the coast of California to reflect upon the new challenges and goals which lie ahead. I welcome the weddings and portrait sessions, each one an exciting adventure , each one unique. I welcome each one ,because the one I am presently doing is always the best. Perhaps that is what makes photography so very exciting.The actual „making of“ process pulls one into the here and now into the moment. Portrait sessions may be planned well in advance; location,models requisites, gear, conceptual ideas are mapped out with a „destination“ in mind, but reality always changes the plan more or less. Things happen, the initial direction changes course. One swims with the current, drawing upon instinct. Reactions are spontaneous as things unfold differently than in the score. Trusting the moment becomes crucial,EncinLaJolla-0392 and living in the moment, the reward. It is impossible to predict the future, to totally control the environment or to dictate human exchange . For these reasons,photography is so very thrilling and while one can utilize all the skills and creative powers one has in reserve, there will always be an element of surprise in each session . This is the spark of fire and the charm which continually lures me behind the camera.