About Pricing and Beyond

by Dayle Ann Clavin / December 02, 2019 / in wedding / 0 comments

About Pricing and Beyond

Often  the first question I  am  asked by potential customers is about  pricing. I have developed three packages based on hours spent at the wedding photographing and  amount of imagery that will likely result  after  4, 6, 8  hours of photography. This can differ and I don’t promise exact numbers. It’s an estimation based on experience but since each wedding day is unique, there are no fixed formulas. I also create special packages in order to suit a couples individual wishes.

I do realize that pricing may be the main factor for many couples in making a decision on a certain photographer . However, it is reasonable to consider exactly what one is buying when making the choice. After  receiving an inquiry, I invite people to my website in order to view my imagery and first and foremost decide if this is the style that appeals to them, and more to the point, is  this the imagery that they just absolutely must have.  What you see on my web site is what I offer you in terms of imagery and style,  but let’s go beyond the pure pictures. It is also the relationship which I have with my wedding couple, the  family and friends. I like to make the photographic process as fun and care free as can be. After all, it is a celebration and it is an honor to be a a part of it and be given the responsibility for capturing  beautiful and expressive moments. Obviously ,after the celebration, there are results, the wedding book and the wall art, but the investment is far more than that. The investment is in deciding for a person who can contribute with joy ,expertise, and confidence and take away any stress  concerning the photography of the wedding day. You want a person who makes the experience joyful and easy for the bride and groom and guests. Someone who is discreet  when necessary, as well as in control when it comes to inspiring and organizing large groups of people or posing intimate bridal portraits. The photographer with a keen eye and emotional intelligence who feels comfortable in a multitude of situations is going to be worth paying for.Think of the different phases that one wedding day presents:  fast moving scenes and locations , some  heartfelt and profound, some intimate and romantic, and some gay and chaotic and in rare cases even  signs of conflict or sadness. We photographers have to be adaptable and that is a big portion of what the investment is all about.

And behind the scenes after the wedding day is over the photographer begins the real work in post production. How many hours this takes to  render the most beautiful images in a unique artistic style is not to be counted. In my case I work as many hours as it takes to create gorgeous images .

Hochzeit Porträt

I always suggest to wedding clients that we meet for a pleasant wedding photography discussion in order to get to know one another and also recommend the option to do a short pre-wedding shoot so that the awkwardness  of being photographed falls away before the big day. It is meant to be a rehearsal without demands. This is part of the package as well and an integral part of making things work smoothly. It is all about trust and good vibrations. After all, the photographer will be recording a couple’s most precious heart felt moments and that is an honor.