Painting with light

by Dayle Ann Clavin / August 04, 2016 / in Unkategorisiert / 0 comments

We have all heard or read at one time or another that photography is painting with light. It seems to be an obvious thing and yet this seems  to be the most elusive factor in capturing beautiful images. Especially nowadays….we get lost in seeking out „awesome locations“ reminiscent of stage sets, sensational locations and requisites serving as backdrops for our subjects who look nothing less than fantastic. I believe there is a validity for this too, if for no other reason that it liberates the fantasy and let’s the creative spirit soar because it is fun to invent. And yet, in the back of my mind I keep thinking of reduction, simplicity and the ingredients which make truly  memorable images. Should we not return to  seeking out the light and the way it expressively falls on the subject and how that influences the message of the image? Light molds flatness into 3 dimensional forms. Light in some places renders shadows in others and the subject lives from the contrast whether it is direct or subtle. I remind myself again and again and stop looking for the wrong things, but simply for that special time and place, when and where  the light works it’s magic.