Portrait Session with Sophia in Balboa Park

by Dayle Ann Clavin / May 22, 2017 / in Uncategorized / 0 comments

On a winter’s day in California Sophia and i went to Balboa park for a fantastic day of portrait shooting . The park has wonderful spanish architecture and lends itself well for a diverse number of lighting situations, with it’s arcades and arches and sheltered inner courtyards. The colors are warm,  like the mediterranean hues of Spain and italy and  the light rays add patterns in whites and yellows  to the walls.

Sophia is a beautiful woman in all respects and I enjoyed capturing images of her and she was equally glad to have a portrait session for herself which she had not had time to do in recent years. She is a busy person, mother of two incredible boys and real estate agent in a thriving San Diego company. She had some experience modeling  already and also told me that her mother had done quite a bit of modeling in England in the past, so this was a chance to be in front of the camera once again. With all the grace and naturalness which she possessed, it was a pleasure to shoot with her and find our perfect locations and that perfect light.


The day ended with a well deserved and eagerly anticipated meal and cool drinks  on an outside terrace in the park.California winters are warm so there is hardly any problem with unwanted weather conditions and we could let the day end in relaxation. Finally, we watched the San Diego sunset take center stage and unfold in brillant colors as we drove along the coast for home.

Here are some of our images from the day..